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IO HAWK, MonoRover R2 or Erover: Which One to Choose?

I am sure by now you have heard of the self balancing scooter. This scooter is similar in looks to a skateboard, however, it operates like a Segway. Mechanisms in the electric scooter allow you to maneuver the smart balance wheel with your feet, so that you can go anywhere you want with little effort.

Self Balancing Scooter

Once you see the scooter you will be hooked, meaning that the next thing you need to do is identify the particular brand that you want. There are multiple models that you can take advantage of, including IO HAWK, EROVER, and the MonoRover R2. Each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks, and it is up to you to decide which self balancing scooter meets your needs and demands best.
In order to help you make your final decision, I will compare the main features of the 3 products for your benefit.

1. Smart Balance Wheel: Construction

When it comes to the construction and build of the 3 products, I would say that they are similar. Firstly, we have the MonoRover R2, which weighs in at 10kg and has a maximum load capacity of 110kg/250lbs. This strong and lightweight unit also has 7-inch pneumatic tires, and 2 LED lights for bright illumination.

On the other hand we have the IO HAWK, which weighs in at 10Kg, and which has a maximum load capacity of 120Kg. The ground clearance and platform height of this self balancing scooter is identical to that of the MonoRover R2, and it also has LED lights.

Lastly, we have the EROVER, which weighs in at 12.3kg/27lbs, and which has a maximum load capacity of 220lbs. This is by far the heaviest and biggest of all the 3 models, however, it has the largest tires for easier rolling and it also comes with LED lights.

2. Performance

The 3 smart balance wheel models are all similar in climbing degree and turning radius. Each of these models allows you to climb slopes with a 15 degree angle, and each of them has a 0 degree turning radius for easy navigation through tight spaces. However, this is where the similarity ends.

The MonoRover R2 has a maximum speed of 12Km/h(7.4mph), the IO HAWK has a maximum speed of 10Km/h(6.21mph), and the EROVER has a maximum speed of 6mph. As you can see, the MonoRover R2 excels when it comes to the speed of travel.

3. Battery

Because these smart balance wheel products are electric, the battery is extremely important. Let us start with the EROVER, which uses a lithium ion battery that has a quick charge. A single charge of this battery will take you up to 9 miles, which is a respectable distance. This battery also has a red light that flickers when the battery is almost dead, but this does not give you sufficient warning to your dwindling battery level.

When it comes to the MonoRover R2, you have a lithium ion battery with a charge time of 2-3 hours. A single charge of this battery gives you a range of between 17-20km/10-12 miles, which is much further then the EROVER. However, just like the EROVER, this product does not have a changing battery indicator.

Lastly we have the IO HAWK, which has a powerful lithium ion battery that takes 3 hours to fully charge. Like the MonoRover R2, a single charge should take you between 10 and 12 miles. Fortunately, the IO HAWK comes with a changing battery indicator, which shows you the different stages of your battery level. A green light means more than 50% charge, a yellow light means less than 50% charge, and a red light means less than 10% charge. This way you won’t be caught unaware when your battery dies.

4. Remote

The EROVER and MonoRover R2 do not come with remote keys. However, the IO HAWK comes with 2 remote keys, which you can use to turn off the unit or switch between the riding programs.

There is a beginner program that has a maximum speed of 6km/h, and a standard program that has a maximum speed of 10km/h.

5. Self Balancing Scooter Price

When it comes to price, these 3 products are extremely divergent. Let us start with the IO HAWK, which is by far the most expensive option. This smart balance wheel costs $1800, which can be attributed to the extra design features and superb performance that it provides. However, many reviewers say that the IO HAWK is similar in build and design to its cheaper competitors, making the $1800 price tag unacceptable.

Next we have the MonoRover R2, which costs $599. As you can see, this model is 3 times less expensive than the IO HAWK, even though many of its design features are the same. The product also has a great 4.3 star rating on Amazon, which is a reflection of the quality of ride that it delivers.

Lastly, we have the EROVER, which is the least expensive option on the list. Retailing at only $319, this scooter is a fraction of the cost of the IO HAWK. However, its build, speed, and battery design is of lower quality when compared to the other 2 models, which explains its lower price tag.

6. Versatility

All of these products comes with non-pneumatic tires, which provide a smooth roll on different surfaces. The IO HAWK is undoubtedly the most versatile of all the electric scooters, as it has been designed with tires that are dust and splash proof. These tires allow you to navigate a range of terrain, including wet roads and wet soil.

Next we have the MonoRover R2, which can travel on concrete, asphalt, dry dirt and carpet. And lastly, we have the EROVER, which will perform better on smooth surfaces such as concrete.

7. Appearance

The IO HAWK, EROVER, and MonoRover R2 are all attractive models. Each of these models comes with streamlined bodies and sleek wheels, which make you look stylish as you ride around town. However, the IO HAWK might be the winner out of the 3, as it has a slightly curved body and a polished finish which is breathtaking.


Smart Balance Scooter Comparison Conclusion

As you can see, each of these self balancing scooters excels in one or more areas. The EROVER is the most affordable, the MonoRover R2 is the quickest, lightest, and most versatile, and the IO HAWK is the most attractive and compact, in addition to having a well designed battery and remote keys.
Whatever your demands are, one of these 3 electric scooters will suit you well.